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I believe it is important for teachers to prepare students for their future. We are preparing them for jobs that aren't even invented yet. We can't keep teaching the same way we learned. Times have changed tremendously over the last 40 years. Because of this, we have to change. We have to change our teaching strategies. Students are more technology savvy then most adults. They are willing to try things that adults aren't. They play exciting video games and watch different Youtube videos. As teachers, we need to keep this in mind when we are planning lessons. We have to keep the students' attention. With this in mind, teachers need to integrate technology as much as possible. Students can learn by watching videos. They can create presentations to share what they have learned on a topic. They can learn by reading information on a safe webpage instead of from a book. As a technology coach, I want to encourage you to think outside the box when planning lessons. I want to support you in the planning and finding age appropriate materials for the students to access. I want to be available in the room when you are teaching just as an extra set of hands for the younger learners. Or I can model how to do it first and then support you when you implement the new strategy. I am here as a sounding board. I am willing to listen to your ideas with technology and help you develop new ones. Let's work together to prepare our students for the future!

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