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Using Mobile Phones


PLN stands for Professional Learning Network. It is important in our profession to continue to learn. We should never stop learning and should model for our students the importance of continuous learning even as an adult. We can take classes that interest us and/or get another degree. Both of these are a great way to improve as a teacher. But, Professional Learning Networks can focus around what you are doing right now in the room. It can be with teachers in the building, in the district, around the country, or around the world. It is an opportunity to learn what other teachers are currently doing in your grade or content. Join a PLN that has a focus on technology or an application of technology that you would like to incorporate into your lessons. Seeing how other teachers are including technology in your grade/content can help motivate you to as well. You can ask the PLN members questions about how to get started or possibly watch how they are using it. PLNs goes beyond your school and district. It is always great to learn new strategies from other teachers in our district. Imagine what you can learn from teachers around the world, the strategies they are using with technology and how it is working in their room.

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